V-Power Batteries

Innovative design for function an reliability including exclusive High Air-Flow channels that improve vapor production. Aircraft quality anodizing & Soft-Touch finish. All batteries are High Power 3-stage variable voltage batteries (3-4.15v / 8-13.5w). 5-Clicks on/off and a simple 3-Clicks to cycle thru stages.

• V-Power (320mAh)
• V-Power PLUS (650mAh)

Premium Vape Tank

Highest quality tank on the market. Premium hardware, highly refined & formulated cannabis oil, non-refillable.

• 500mg (1/2ml)
• 1000mg (1ml)


Highest Quality & Most Reliable “All-In-One” disposable vape pen on the market.

• 300 mg (.3ml)

DIY Bulb

Refined & Formulated Oil for “Do-It-Yourself” ease of use.

(Other manufactures tank refill, Flower additive, Consumable, DAB-able, Smoke-able)

• 1000mg (1ml)

Premium concentrates

Highly Refined, Pure & Potent Concentrates. Proprietary methods provide some the purest tested concentrates in the market.

• 500mg (1/2ml)
• 1000mg (1ml)

Pure Distillate

Highly Refined Distillate. Proprietary distillation methods provide some of the purest tested concentrates on the market. Available in a precision syringe for easy use and dosing.

(Consumable, DAB-able, Smoke-able)

• 500mg (1/2ml)
• 1000mg (1ml)

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